With a new year approaching it is a great time to start planning out your weight loss goals, although I will say any day is a good day to start the journey!

We all like to make new years resolutions and for many losing weight and getting healthy is a top priority. Starting fresh in a new year seems to give us that extra nudge we need to make it happen.

These printables will help you stay motivated throughout the journey, they are available in 2 colors and free to download/print, just click on the picture to download.

The 16-week weight loss chart will help you keep track of your weekly weight loss. Each week you can enter your loss or gain as we all have those weeks, keep it out where you can see it, maybe on the fridge so you can be proud of the hard work you are putting in. You can include your starting weight, your goal weight, and some notes throughout the 16 weeks.

This body measurement chart is great for those who want to take measurements during their journey. Sometimes the scale doesn’t always reflect our hard work so it is important to take measurements, I promise you will see it in those numbers if you are putting in the work. You can take measurements either weekly and print off a few of the sheets or take them monthly, every 4 weeks to see bigger progress.

The daily meal tracker is great for keeping track of what you eat each day. You can track all 3 meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even include your snacks. I find meal prepping and pre-tracking your day can help you stay focused and set you up for success. You can track your water intake as well and take some notes.

The trackers come in 2 different colors, just click on the picture to download and print.