It is almost time to ring in the new year! 2022 is just around the corner, if you are looking for a planner that has everything you could need in one place, this 2022 planner set is for you, it includes 26 pages that are filled with all the right things to keep your life in order.

When you start with a brand new planner in a new year your life feels completely open, and the possibilities are endless.

Let’s face it, life can get busy and hectic, it is hard keeping track of daily and weekly appointments or reminders.

Even if you track appointments and make notes on your smartphone, having a planner with all your plans, goals, and commitments written down in one spot, research shows you will be much more likely to achieve a goal with it written down, and that percentage increases if you keep written goals in view.

This planner is sure to help you have an organized year ahead!

To download/print the pages just click on each image.

Why not set up some quarterly goals for youself. When we spread things out over the course of a year it seems easier to tackle. It will be nice to look back on and see if you were able to complete those goals you set out to acheive.

This daily planner sheet is great for keeping track of busy days with multiple appointments and meetings and to help make note of your “to-do” list.

Maybe a weekly planner will work better for you, for those that don’t have daily appointments this page will help keep your life in order throughout the week and not miss those important appointments on certain days.

Having a 2022 calendar printed out will help you keep track of events and make sure you save the date when necessary.

We all want to keep our finances in order. This monthly income tracker will provide you with a space to keep track of all your monthly income that is coming in.

Keeping our finances in order means keeping track of all our expenses, it can be an overwhelming task but this monthly expense tracker will make it so much easier to keep track of where all your money is going. It might help you with some monthly savings as well.

While we all usually have our contacts in our smartphones, having them down on paper is important. You never know when you might need it or someone else needs it.

Passwords are my nemesis, I have more than I can ever keep up with. To help me remember them all I keep them logged on a chart just like this one which I actually duplicate in case I misplace one of them. I have this constant fear of losing all my passwords so this is a must-have for me.

Thinking about some daily habits you’d like to achieve in the new year? This habit tracker is a great place to list them all and keep track of how often you stick to them. It really is a great motivator when we have a visual.

Meal planners can help you save time when it comes to cooking, making a meal plan for the week will not only help with any healthy habits you are trying to incorporate it can also help with grocery planning and overall daily stress. Knowing ahead of time what you are cooking for each dinner will save you time.

Once you have created your weekly meal plan you can use this chart to help build your grocery list, it will save time when you are at the grocery store and help with overbuying.

If you are like me, remembering everyone’s birthday is a challenge, I usually rely on Facebook to remind me, and even then I’ll forget. Having them all in one place using this birthday chart will be a huge help, then we can remember to wish those special people in our lives a happy birthday.

This year in review is a great place to reflect on the year, what goals did you accomplish, what was your favorite part about the year and what are you thankful for. Last but not least what goals will you set for 2023?