Hi there, I’m Kate, creator, and owner of printable and crafts. I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and teenage daughter. 

I have always had a crafty side, when I was younger you could bet I had a project on the go. I did many craft shows back in the day where I would sell the items I made and I really did enjoy it.

In 2014 I took a different turn in my life that was not planned at all, I created a recipe website where I was sharing lightened up and weight watcher-friendly recipes. I’ve been a WW lifetime member for well over 20 years and the idea just kind of fell into my lap. Within a few years, it became a very successful recipe blog, you can check it out here. Everything else kind of just got put on the back burner and all my time and focus went into creating recipes. I love being in the kitchen, and I have really enjoyed building this successful blog.

When the pandemic hit, and I found myself stuck inside all the time I was feeling this need to try something new just for a change, and well what started as designing one printable turned into this new website. I wanted to create a space where parents, teachers, or anyone for that matter could come and print off fun printables or find some simple crafts. While most of my content is for children it is not exclusive to that. 

Building a website is a big job, there is so much backend work that no one else sees, so bear with me while I continue to grow, I hope to add new content weekly. I’d love for you to share printables and crafts with anyone you think might be interested.  To see any new content you can follow me on both Facebook and Instagram, and I’ll be adding a subscribe email list soon so you can be the first to see new content.

Thanks for visiting