Is your child a lover of all things in the ocean? Then this fun printable is exactly what you need!

This activity set includes seven super fun and educational activities to keep your child entertained and learning all day long. This can be used for homeschooling or just a nice quiet activity when you need it.

This aquatic animals activity set is suitable for children six years old and older. You might need to help your child with some of the activities if they are younger, but it can be a great activity to have some fun together!

To save and print this activity pack, just right-click on any picture. From there, you can download and print at your convenience.

Can you think of all the animal names? Enter them in the corresponding number on the crossword. Can you get them all?

Look for all these sea creature animals in the word search and circle them when you find them. See how fast you can find each one!

Here is a fun look-and-find game your child will love! Color one square for each of the animals you find in the picture. Can you find them all? Which animal has the most squares colored in at the end?

Can you unscramble these words and name that ocean friend?

Children love to cut out things, so they will love this next activity! Cut out the names and glue them underneath the correct sea animal. Can you get them all correct?

Here is another fun cutting activity for children. Cut out all these sea life animals and glue them in their correct habitat. You might need to teach your child about ven diagrams beforehand.

Grab your crayons or markers and have fun coloring this sea life picture.

This aquatic animals activity set is a great way for your child to have fun while learning at the same time. Remember to simply click on each picture to print!