The Christmas season is one of my favorites! Everything is so happy and joyful for even the simple things. From baking cookies with the family to giving meaningful presents, what is not to love with this holiday?

Get your children in the festive spirit with these super fun Christmas activities! Each one is different and full of fun!

Use these activities as a way to get some quiet time for yourself while your children work on these games all by themselves.

To print this set, simply click on the images and save them to your computer, or you can print them right away. Print one or print them all!

First off, there is a fun Christmas scavenger hunt for your kids to enjoy. See how many items are already around your house. If you haven’t decorated, you can go to the store, park, or school to see if you can find them all! How many items are around your house?

Can your child unscramble each of these words? If they are struggling, be sure to use the pictures all around the paper to help if you get stuck!

Spend some time focusing on finding all the words in this word search. Set a timer to see if you can get them all done before the time runs out! Did you find them all?

With this fun printable, have your child match the word with the picture. Can they get them all right?

With this next activity, can you name as many Christmas items as possible? But, only one for each letter of the alphabet!

How many words can you make from Christmas?

Here you can make your own letter to Santa. From adding in your name, age, and what you want for Christmas, your child can also mark whether he or she was good or bad this year.

Here are two fun Christmas coloring pages for your kids to enjoy. Aren’t these just adorable?

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