Do you struggle to find simple and easy holiday activities for your children? From decorating the house, baking cookies galore, and getting Christmas gifts, you are stretched to your max. Your family needs some easy quiet time during this busy season too! This fun Christmas activity set is the perfect way to do just that!

This Christmas activity set has 6 different printables that your kids will love! If you right-click on the images, you can print them right away or download them to your computer for later.

Let’s take a look at each of the six different activities.

First off you have a simple coloring page that kids will enjoy getting creative with.

This activity is such a fun one! Your child can cut out all the decorations on the second page. Then, they get to decorate their very own Christmas tree exactly what they like! This is their tree all to themselves. Children love to cut and glue things, especially if it is a Christmas tree!

This next activity is so unique and so much fun! Mistletoe the Elf accidentally spilled a magic potion on herself and one half disappeared! Now it is up to you to put her back together. Can you figure it out?

Here is a simple and nice word scramble for your kids to enjoy. Can they get them all in just five minutes?

Here is the answer key in case your child needs help!

This Christmas I Spy game is one of my favorites! Can your child find each item and count how many of each item there is? Did they get them all right?

Here is a sheet to check all your answers! Did you get them correct?

Hopefully, your child will love these Christmas activities! If you enjoyed them be sure to share with friends by using the share buttons below.

Enjoy some quiet time this holiday season!