These paper Christmas cards are simple to make and look great when they are finished. Kids love to make things for the special people in their lives, they can surprise their family and friends with these homemade cards.

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Cardstock paper
  3. Craft glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors

Click on the template picture to download and print.


Step -1:

Let’s start with the Christmas tree pattern. Trace and cut out the tree shape (triangle) from the green colored craft paper and the star shape from the yellow or golden colored craft paper. Cut out 4 tree shapes and 3 star shapes of the same size, make sure they are the same size so the craft will come together correctly.

Step -2:

Take any one of the tree shapes and fold it into half symmetrically. Similarly, fold the rest of the tree shapes in half.

Step – 3:

Take the star shapes and fold them in half (symmetrically) as well.

Step – 4:

Select a colored cardstock paper of your choice for the card. Prepare the card using cardstock paper by cutting it to the size you want and folding it in half.

Step – 5:

Take any 2 half-folded tree shapes and glue them on the front side of the card, by aligning their folded sides along the middle.

Step – 6:

Place and glue the 2 other half-folded tree shapes along the middle of the previously attached ones.

Step – 7:

Now glue 2 half-folded star shapes side by side, on the top side of the tree pattern.

Step – 8:

Attach the 3rd-star pattern on the middle of the previously attached star shapes.

Step – 9:

Similarly, trace, cut out, fold symmetrically, and create the rest of the patterns for the bell, poinsettia, ornament, and cherry) to make more cards. Play around with different colors so you can have a variety of cards to choose from to give out to your family and friends.