Children love to decorate the Christmas tree at the beginning of December. It becomes a fun tradition, especially if you make or buy new ornaments each year. This year, here are some fun DIY Christmas paper ornaments your child will love to create to put on the tree!

Grab your crayons or markers, color, cut, and fold these fun Christmas paper ornaments! To download these ornament printables, right-click on each picture to save or print each one. It’s that easy!

There are 8 different ornaments to choose from, or you can print and create them all!

Each ornament has directions on how to cut, fold, and glue to create a unique and beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree. You will need to cut on the dotted lines and fold on the red lines! It is not complicated at all and young children should be able to do it on their own. For smaller children, you might need to help them glue and cut correctly.

First off is a Santa ornament! Once your child colors in their version of Santa, have them cut and fold!

Next is a snowman ornament. Have your child color and create their own snowman!

Then, your child can build their own penguin and put it on their Christmas tree next to Santa!

Isn’t this reindeer ornament just adorable?

It is Santa’s helper Elf! Put him next to Santa when you’re finished!

No Christmas tree is complete without a cute angel on it. This angel ornament will be so fun to make!

Next your child can make their own gingerbread man oranment!

Finally, color in this nutcracker, and your tree will be filled with beautiful handmade ornaments!

Making your own Christmas ornaments might be so much fun it turns into a tradition each year. If your child had fun making these, share with your friends!