How adorable are these Elf bookmarks, this paper craft project is great for kids of all ages, just be sure to supervise younger children when cutting out the pieces.

List of Supplies:

  1. Colored craft papers
  2. Sharpie
  3. Black gel pen
  4. Craft glue
  5. Pencil
  6. Scissors


Step -1:

Select pink, green, red, yellow, black and white colored craft papers for the Elf bookmark craft. You can select other colors too. Trace the template patterns (head, hat, outfit, sleeves, hands, stockings, shoes etc.) on the selected craft papers and cut out the traced patterns nicely.

Click on the template picture to print/save it


Step -2:

Attach the shoe cutouts on either side of the stocking cutouts and attach the hand cutout on either side of the sleeve cutouts. Use a sharpie to draw striped patterns on the stocking patterns.

Step – 3:

Select the hat patterns cutouts. Attach the zigzag border along the bottom side of the hat pattern and attach the round shape cutout on the tip of the hat pattern.

Step – 4:

Use a brown sharpie to draw and fill the hair part on the top side of the head cutout.

Step – 5:

Attach the hat pattern on the top side of the head cutout and attach the leg cutouts on the bottom side of the body base cutout.

Step – 6:

Attach the head pattern on the top side of the body pattern.

Step – 7:

Attach the hand patterns with the body pattern by gluing them on the side only and keeping the arm facing inside the body pattern.

Step – 8:

Attach the other arm pattern to the opposite side of the previous one. Trim extra parts of the arms if necessary. Use a gel pen to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the papercraft Elf figure.

Step – 9: (Final Image)

To use the Elf papercraft figure as a bookmark, slide a page under the arms; keeping the page between the body and the arms.