Elves are a big part of the fun during this holiday season. They are magical and mystical for little children and hearing about them gets them so excited. Watching all the movies with elves in them and learning about them is part of what makes Christmas magical. Help your child learn about elves with this fun elf printable set!

To print this set, click on every picture you want. Then you can either save on any device or print right away; it’s that easy! I hope you enjoy each of the fun elf activities in this set. Here’s a brief look at all seven activities!

First off there is a simple elf coloring page that your children will love to color. You can see how different each child makes their own elf and hang them up on the fridge.

Here you or your child can write a special message from the North Pole! What will you say? Who is going to receive it?

Now it’s your turn to label the Elf! Can you do it all correctly? See if your child can figure it out on their own before you help out.

Do you wish you were an Elf? I’m sure all kids do at one point in time. This time you can become your own Elf on paper! What is your Elf name? What job would you want as an Elf? Color in and create your own Elf for yourself!

Now it is time to get out your scissors and create your own Elf! Color first, then cut and glue it all together!

Here is your chance to create your own Elf report! This even has an official Elf report stamp of approval!

Elf on the shelf is another fun holiday tradition the kids love to do each year. If you struggle to come up with ideas, here are 25 super fun ideas to try!

Remember to print, simply right-click and you are good to go! Print as many as you need for each child in your family.

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