Looking for some fun fall activities your child can do indoors where it is nice and dry? Here is an easy and fun fall activity pack filled with fun things to keep your child busy.

To print each item, right-click and save it to your computer! You can print them multiple times if you have multiple kids too!

Can your child figure out each of the words for this puzzle? Every word is related to fall!

Can you help the squirrel find his way back home? Follow the right line all the way back!

This is a fun activity for your kids to do all the time! Use both sheets and cut out all the clothes. Then, try to dress the fox in all the warm clothes! Can all the clothes fit on him, or does he have multiple outfits to wear?

Here are the clothes to cut out for the fox!

You can dress this fox in the warm clothes as well! First, color the fox and then cut him out. You can glue the clothes on if you want, or change them up all the time.

Here are more clothes to dress the fox with! With these, you get to decide what colors! Use your markers, crayons, or colored pencils and make new clothes for the fox. Then dress him up! This fox is completely yours! Does he have a name too?

This is another fun fall activity your child will enjoy. Take a look at each of the small animals. What is missing from their picture? Draw a line to find what is missing!

On the bottom of the page, find what shape fits in each shadow. Did you get them all right?

Lastly, have your child color their hearts out. Grab your markers or crayons and enjoy this fun fall coloring page!