Are you a book lover? Does your child love reading books too? Use these fun bookmarks for the next book you read!

With these bookmarks, you can color and use your creativity to make them yours and exactly what you love. Your child can also decorate them. These make a fun quiet activity for your children as well.

These bookmarks are holiday bookmarks. If you are doing DIY Christmas gifts this year, print these out for your child to make for presents this year! It will make them feel good and that their hard work is important and appreciated. You may need to help them laminate it to keep it in good condition for their gift as well.

There are six different bookmarks to print and choose from. To print these out, you want to right-click on each image to download on your computer or phone, or you can print right away. It is as easy as that!

You can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils on these bookmarks. All you have to do is print and you are all set! This is such a fun activity that your children will enjoy!

You can get their friends together and have fun making bookmarks together!

Or, you can pair two bookmarks together and glue or laminate them together as well. The options are pretty endless with these!

Aren’t these just so adorable and fun?

Your child will love making these bookmarks with you! Have a fun little craft day and just enjoy each other’s company.

Out of the 6 to choose from, which one is your favorite? I sure do like the snowman one!

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