These felt gnome ornaments will be a great addition to the Christmas tree and they are easy enough for kids to make. Younger children will require some assistance when you need to do any sewing or you could make this a no-sew project by using glue in replace of any stitching.

Holiday Gnome Felt Ornaments
Craft felt
Matching embroidery floss
Poly-fil Stuffing
Embroidery needle
Hot glue gun
Running Stitch (on layering pieces)
Blanket Stitch (used around the outside edge while joining two pieces


1. Print gnome pattern pieces on heavy card stock paper. To print just click on the picture, then right-click to save/print.
2. Cut out each piece. Use them as templates to trace and cut out the
appropriate color felt pieces as noted.

1. Sew the nose, heart, and hands onto the beard with a running stitch.
2. Attach the beard to one body piece, also using a running stitch around the
outer edge of the beard.
3. Place the second body piece behind the first and sew them together along
the outside using a blanket stitch. Leave a small hole to stuff and then close
off and finish. Set aside.

1. Begin sewing the two hat pieces to form the head. Use a blanket stitch to
start at one side and stop at the other side so that you leave the entire
bottom (where the head goes) open.
2. Use this hole to stuff and then place it onto the body, aligning it just above
the nose.
3. Continue sewing across the bottom edge of the hat but now go through all pieces to attach the hat to the body.

Use a hot glue gun to place a loop of ribbon on the back of the gnome’s hat
near the top.
*You could also sew the loop into the top of the hat by simply placing it
where you would like while sewing the front and back hat pieces together.
TIP: You can tack down smaller pieces with a very small amount of glue if you
find they move around on your while trying to sew.
You can also make this a no-sew project simply by using glue for everything
in place of stitches