Christmas is one of the best holidays. It is a time about joy, laughter, and love, and giving all that to anyone you meet and are around. There are so many fun Christmas activities to do; things might get hectic and busy quickly. You need to find some simple, quiet activities for your children to do for some nice downtime.

I Spy Games are the perfect simple Christmas activity! Not only are they fun, but they also allow your child to relax at home from their busy holiday schedule. Here is a fun I Spy Christmas game for your kids to enjoy!

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I Spy games are filled with random items all over a piece of paper. Then, your child needs to find how many of each particular item there are. For example, how many Santas are in this picture?

I Spy games are very educational for kids too. They have to count everything multiple times and it requires a lot of focus, not to mention good attention to detail too!

On the Christmas I Spy game, there are 20 different items each with a different number of items all over the page. Can you find them all?

Here is the answer page to make sure you found everything! Did you get them all correct the first time around?

You can always set a timer to see who can find them all right the fastest! This is such a fun and easy Christmas activity, you’ll want to try it every year!

Remember to print, simply click on the image and you are good to go!

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