I spy games are fun for everyone! Here are some season-themed activities to keep your child entertained and learning all at the same time!

Print out the sheet, search and record how many of the objects you have found.

Answer sheets are provided for all I spy challenges so you can be sure you have found all of the objects.

To print any printable, just click the picture, then right-click to save or print each picture.

Can you find all the fall items? From leaves to rain boots and foxes, get in the fall spirit with this game!

Another fall-themed I spy. This one has fewer items to find, which is great for younger children. How many of the items can you find? Be sure to help out your child if they are struggling!

It’s wintertime! How many winter objects can you find in this activity? If your child is having a hard time keeping track of each item, you can always show them how to cross off each item as you count them.

Spring is here. Let’s see how many spring-themed items we can find. Springtime is filled with beautiful flowers, rain and sun, and so many beautiful animals. Be sure to find them all!

Summer days are so much fun. How many items can you find in this summer I spy game? Try to time your child to see how fast they can solve this game!

I Spy activities are a blast to do with your children. As long as your kids can count, they will love these season-themed games! Not only will these activities help your child focus and strengthen their counting skills, but they are also great quiet games to play!

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