Part of what makes Christmas so special is creating your own Christmas story. With these printables, you can help your child create their own story to share on Christmas day!

To use these printables, click on each image in this blog. Then you can print it right away or download it to your computer to save for another time.

Let’s take a look at all the items in the Christmas story set.

This is such a fun activity! Not only does it get your child’s juices flowing to write their story, but it also lets you have fun and giggle together. Simply role a dice and you’ll automatically create your own story! Roll as much as you want to have a short or long story; the choice is yours!

You can also use this when you get stuck while writing. Have fun with it!

Need help getting all your thoughts in the right place? Use this story planner so you can put all your ideas into one place. Choose a setting, problem and solution to make a beautiful Christmas story!

Need help with coming up with characters? Use this sheet to draw out your characters in your story and write a short description about them. You can always use this in your actual story too!

Now is the time to write out your story. Use these sheets to get your thoughts onto paper to create a beautiful holiday masterpiece.

Remember to just click on the image to print or save these prinatables.

Now that you have your story all written out, you can draw your Christmas story too! Use each box to create a picture of some of the scenes in your story.

This Christmas story printable set is so much fun! If you’ve enjoyed it, use the buttons below to share it with your friends!