New Year is the perfect time to celebrate and have some fun. Let’s celebrate ringing in the new year with this fun activity set! Kids of all ages can enjoy this set and the fun games it brings. 

Remember to click on any picture to print or save this activity set. This set has 9 different games and activities for your children to enjoy! 

Use the balloons to write down your favorite things of 2021. Did you take a trip, make a new friend, or learn a new hobby, maybe?

Let’s write our goals for 2022 in the stars provided. What changes are you working on, and what would you like to accomplish this year? Do you want to learn a new trick or finally reach your goal?

Here is a fun maze. Can you make it to the end?

Can you find all the New Year-themed words in this word search?

Here is a challenge for you to come up with some 4 letter, 5 letter, and 6 letter words using the word Happy New Year; how many can you think of?

Scattegory challenge! Use the categories at the side and then think of a word or phrase for that category that starts with Y, then E, A, and R.

Then have your child try this vocabulary challenge. Cut out the wheel and add the spinner, spin the wheel, and whatever object it lands on, say the word aloud.

Lastly is this coloring page to celebrate 2022. Grab your markers, pencils, or crayons and pick your favorite colors.

Children love to celebrate new adventures, so help them celebrate the start of their new year with this activity set! This set will help them reflect on their past year and the accomplishments they made, as well as goals for their new year.

If your child loved this activity, please share it with your family and friends!