Does your child talk about the North Pole during Christmastime? Do they wish they can go there to work with Santa? Well, with this activity set, they can! With this North Pole pretend play activity set, your child will feel like they are at the North Pole with Santa!

Print out each of these pages and let your child’s imagination run wild. To print, simply click on each image. From there you can download and print it right away or save it on your computer for later.

Let’s take a look at each of the printables in this activity set.

Here are two signs to mark your own North Pole in your home. There is one sign to welcome everyone to the North Pole and another to show exactly where it is.

After you place your signs for the North Pole, then you need to make a certain place for Santa’s Workshop!

We can’t forget the Reindeers! Where is the Reindeer Barn in your home?

At the North Pole, we love counting down the days until Christmastime. Here is your own Christmas countdown! Cut out all the numbers and hang up your countdown sign where you can change it every day.

Next, be sure to set up Santa’s Mail Center so you can mail your Christmas wish list!

Once you figure out where your mail center is, cut out each of these labels to place on the table so you know where every package and letter belongs.

Now cut out your name tags! Who is going to be the toy tester or the head elf? Share each tag with your friends or family.

Use this checklist to make sure you get all your gifts ready in time for Christmas!

Finally, make sure Santa is ready for Christmas with his to-do list. Can you help him get everything all done?

Your child will have so much fun with these pretend play activities. Watch their excitement about Christmas grow while playing!