Do you have a penguin lover in the house? Who doesn’t love penguins, they are so cute! Kids can enjoy these fun activities while learning all about penguins.

Here is a super fun penguin activity pack filled with nine different games and printables for your child to enjoy. To print, just click on all the pictures and then download them to your computer or print right away.

Find and circle the words in this Penguin word search. See how fast you can find everything!

Circle all the things the penguin would eat. Can you find them all?

Do you know the parts of a penguin? Cut out the body parts and glue them in the correct spot. Children love to cut and it will improve their fine motor skills too!

Here is the answer sheet to check when you are done. Did your child get them all right on the first try?

Have you always wanted your very own penguin as a pet? Now you can have one! Draw your own penguin, and give it a name. Let us know what it likes to eat. You can even draw a house where the penguin lives.

Study the penguin life cycle sheet. It will help you before you try the next activity.

Cut out the pictures and see if you can remember the correct sequence of the penguin life cycle. Glue them onto the page. Then, you can check your answers with the previous printable.

Here is another fun cutting activity for your child to enjoy. Cut out the colored penguin shapes and glue them on the penguin shadow to build your penguin. Can you figure out this cutting puzzle all on your own?

Grab your crayons or markers and have some fun coloring this cute penguin picture. Coloring pages are always a blast for your child!

Hopefully, your child loves all these fun penguin activities! Remember to simply right-click to save and print this activity set!