These fun Christmas popsicle stick characters will keep little hands busy for a while. You just need some simple supplies and you can get painting!


Brown and cream felt material, popsicle sticks, silk ribbon, red pompom, moving eyes, green, creme, brown, black, white, pink, red acrylic paint, paintbrush, pink, black marker, scissors, glue stick, bell


Gingerbread: paint a popsicle stick brown. Use white paint to paint a wavy line on both ends of the popsicle stick. Us the glue stick to glue on two moving eyes then using the pink paint, add the rosy cheeks. Draw a mouth with a black marker. Tie a bow around the gingerbread’s neck using your favorite ribbon and glue 3 colored buttons onto the belly.

Reindeer: paint a popsicle stick brown. Cut out horns using the brown felt fabric and glue them on top of the popsicle stick. Cut two ears from the cream felt fabric and glue them under the horns. Glue on two google eyes. Paint the face and belly with cream paint. Paint a nose on the cheeks with red paint, and under the nose draw a mouth and eyebrows with a black marker. Use black paint to paint the bottom of the popsicle stick as a hoof. Tie a bell around the reindeer’s neck.

Elf: paint the top of a popsicle stick green for a hat, the middle for the elf’s dress, and the bottom for the shoes. Use red paint to paint a stripe on the bottom of the cap, then paint red stripes on the legs for the stocking. Cut two ears from the cream felt fabric, glue them onto the head, and a red pompom onto the cap. Glue two google eyes on the face. Draw a mouth with a black marker and cheeks with a pink marker. Glue a red ribbon around the waist.