Does your child love reindeers? Reindeers are such magical creatures that children love to learn about. I remember as a child as I watched in anticipation at the night sky to catch a glimpse of the reindeers flying. 

It is so much fun to learn about reindeers during the holiday season. So, here are some activity sheets that will help your kids get to know them a little better with some fun printable activities!

Take a look at the reindeer’s life cycle. You will be able to teach your child how reindeers grow.

Let your child create their very own reindeer and watch them get creative with it. Ask them questions like, “If you had your very own reindeer, what would their name be? What special powers do they have, and tell us what makes your reindeer stand out from the rest?”

Next, you can read more about a reindeer and see if your child can answer all the questions at the bottom. This worksheet will help you learn a little about their history.

Study this sheet to learn the anatomy of a reindeer and have your child color it in as you go!

Then, can they correctly label the parts of a reindeer? Cut and glue them in the right spot.

Look for all the reindeer-related words in this word search and circle them when you find them. Kids really love word searches and will focus intently to find all the words.

Grab your crayons or markers and have some fun coloring in this reindeer picture. This is a simple yet calming activity that your child will love to do. Afterward, hang it up for Santa to see when he comes to visit!

Click on any picture to save and print this reindeer activity pack. Get your child excited about this holiday season with all these fun learning activities.