Pop-up cards are so much fun to make! Kids love making their own Christmas cards, this pop-up reindeer card is easy to make following the step-by-step instructions. Your child will love to give this card to someone special in their life.

List of supplies:

  1. Cardstock paper
  2. Craft papers
  3. Pencil
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Marker pens

Step 1:

Cut out the pieces for the reindeer from the PDF templates.

Step 2:

Glue the reindeer’s body with the head. Then, glue the reindeer’s antlers on the head.

Step 3:

Glue the mouth and the nose on the head.

Then glue the hoofs with the legs.

Step 4:

Glue the reindeer’s legs with the body.

Step 5:

Use marker pens to draw the eyes and mouth.

Step 6:

Glue the reindeer’s scarf around its neck.

Step 7:

Cut out the Christmas tree from the template.

Step 8:

Decorate the Christmas tree with colorful punched papers.

Step 9:

Glue the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Step 10:

Prepare your card.

Step 11:

Draw two horizontal lines on the closed end of the card according to the “Card Template”.

Step 12:

Cut along the lines and fold it vertically.

Step 13:

Press the folded part inwards the card.

Step 14:

Similarly, make two more small horizontal cuts on the card according to the “card Template”.

Step 15:

Press the cutout parts inwards.

Step 16:

Open up the card, then glue the trees on the small tabs.

Step 17:

Then, glue the Christmas tree on the front tab.

Step 18:

Glue the reindeer beside the Christmas tree.

Step 19:

Cut out the gift box and its ribbon from the template.

Step 20:

Glue the ribbon with the gift box.

Step 21:

Glue the gift boxes under the Christmas tree.

Step 22:

Then, glue the Christmas quote on the card. Use colored markers to draw on the strings of Christmas lights.