Taking a road trip soon and looking for some fun printables to keep the kids entertained? This activity pack is filled with games and assignments to keep them occupied in the car. Sometimes kids can get restless and bored while being stuck in the car for so long, so giving them some activities to do is a great way to make the time go by faster!

Click on each picture to print and save them for your journey. 

Let’s start with a destination journal! What is the coolest thing you saw today, and what did you eat? How is the weather and what is your mood like?

This journal is a fun activity for your child to document some thoughts about their trip. This can also be saved for the end of the trip.

Draw a picture of your favorite memory from the trip. This can be something done on the way there, during, or on the way home.

Think of a road trip-themed word for each letter of the alphabet. Let’s see how creative you can get! 

Next, you have a road trip scavenger hunt. Check off every item you see during your travels. Do you think you will see them all?

Can you find the road trip-themed words in this word search? 

Here are the answers for the word search so you can make sure you found them all! 

Would you rather games can be so much fun! Get everyone in the car to play along. 

Tic tac toe anyone? This is a fun and easy game to pass some time during your long road trip. 

Play connect four with someone in the car. Make sure you each have a different color marker or crayon. Each person gets to color in one circle at a time. Try to be the first person to color in 4 circles that connect with each other. You can do a straight line or an “L” shape, as long as they connect.

If you are driving through the different U.S States, draw a line where you started and where you will end up and color them in. If you are not driving through the States then see if you can challenge everyone to name all the States.

Here’s a simple learn-to-draw activity. Can you draw this silly face?

These road trip activities will help keep your child happy during the entire drive!