Are you looking for a fun Christmas game that you have never played before with your family? Try this super fun and easy Roll a Christmas Character Game! 

This is a fun game that all ages can play and enjoy. 

Print off as many sheets as you need of the pictures below. You can simply click on the pictures and then right-click to save and print.

For these games, you will need both pictures and some dice. Then you simply roll the die to see what number you get and draw the corresponding item on Santa using the instructions at the bottom of the page. Santa might have 3 pairs of boots on, 2 belts, and 6 beards until you have rolled every number, but that’s part of the fun with this game.

Follow the same instructions for the snowman; draw the item that corresponds to the number you get. You might end up with a snowman that has 5 carrot noses, but that’s okay! Let’s see who can have the wackiest snowman in the family!

Follow the same exact rules for the reindeer. Can you get one number each to make the reindeer complete, or will you end up with multiple noses and antlers? 

The fun thing with this game is that you can play it repeatedly and get a different result each time! You can have one sheet of paper and take turns with the family members to create a snowman. Or you can have everyone have their own sheet and roll until you have at least one of each item. The options are pretty endless with this game.

Start a new Christmas tradition this year by playing Roll a Christmas Character Game! You will have tons of silliness and laughter fill your house bring that wonderful holiday cheer.