Christmas is one of a child’s favorite holidays! Nothing excites them more than waking up Christmas morning to find presents from Santa under the Christmas tree. 

Seeing your child’s face light up from the joy of their presents is a precious memory you will never forget as a parent. Keep the excitement going with a certificate from Santa himself!

Want to surprise your child with a good behavior certificate from Santa? 

Kids will be so excited to learn that Santa has rewarded them for all their good behavior this past year, and his Elf helper Humphrey has also signed it. 

This certificate shows that your child has officially made the nice list this year for Christmas. It recognizes the good behavior they have done and is signed by Santa! 

This is a great way to show your child that part of Christmas is being kind to those around us. This certificate honors their good and shows them that their kind deeds are noticed and appreciated.

At the top, you will see, “You are on Santa’s official nice list of 2021!” You will then be able to put your child’s name onto the certificate either digitally or written. 

This certificate has Santa Claus and Humphrey’s signatures at the bottom. There is also a green North Pole stamp of approval, so your child will know it is legit. 

This certificate also has a beautiful red and green border filled with presents, holly, and Christmas cheer. 

To print this out, simply click on the picture above. You will instantly be able to download, print, and use it right away! You can use this for each child in your family. 

Help your child get excited for all the good they have done this year by giving them their very own good behavior certificate from Santa and Humphrey the Elf!