How cute is this snowman paper bag craft project? This paper craft is simple enough for kids of all ages to make. Kids love puppets, it brings out their imaginative play, they can make this simple craft with a friend and then put on a puppet show afterward.

List of Supplies:
1. Colored craft papers
2. Brown paper bag
3. Sharpie
4. Craft glue
5. Pencil
6. Scissors


Step -1:

Select thick white paper for the head and body patterns of the snowman; select orange paper for
the nose; brown cardstock paper or thick craft paper for the arms; and different colored craft
papers for the rest of the patterns (scarf, buttons).

Click the template below to open up the snowman template so you can download, print, and cut out the pieces.


Step -2:

Use the glue stick and attach the button cutouts along the middle part of the body pattern, from the bottom side.

Step – 3:

Attach the arm cutouts on both sides of the body pattern.

Step – 4:

Attach the eyes and the nose patterns on the head pattern.

Step – 5:

Use a sharpie to draw the mouth and a pink sharpie to draw blushes on both cheeks.

Step – 6:

Select a brown paper bag or use brown wrapping paper to craft your own custom-sized paper bag.

Step – 7:

Lay the paper bag on a flat surface and flatten up the bottom side of the bag. Attach the head
pattern of the snowman on the bottom side of the paper bag.

Step – 8:

Attach the body pattern on the front side of the paper bag.

Step – 9:

Attach the scarf pattern on the top side of the body pattern and then flatten the head part (the
bottom side of the paper bag) with the paper bag to complete the craft.

Your puppet is now finished, have fun playing with it.