Thanksgiving is such a beautiful holiday full of joy and giving thanks for the things we have. Help your child enjoy this special holiday with his fun Thanksgiving activity set!

This activity set has 10 different fun printables for your child to love. To save and print, simply click on each picture and download it right away! It is as simple as that!

Teach your kids the true meaning of Thanksgiving with this fun trivia! Can you get them all right?

Next, teach your child all about compound words with this fun printable! Use the clues and the pictures to fill in the answers.

You can help your child be more grateful for things with this next printable! See if your child can come up with something they are thankful for. Here’s the catch: you have to use every letter of the alphabet! Can you do it?

Cut out the pictures and add them to the correct pattern. Your child will love this activity!

Can your child name all these Thanksgiving words? Write them below each picture and then color all the fun Thanksgiving vocabulary!

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful for things, so here is another printable dedicated to just that! Your child can ponder on what they are thankful for, who they are grateful for, and why they are full of gratitude! This will help your child find more joy in the little things.

Finally, every child loves to color. Use these four coloring pages and let their imaginations run wild. These are four different place mats that you can put on the table during Thanksgiving dinner for your child to enjoy time coloring before the meal is served. They will love decorating their own placemat this year!

Thanksgiving is a holiday that teaches your child the true meaning of happiness and gratitude. Use this Thanksgiving activity set to help teach your child the true meaning of this holiday all the while having fun!

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