This tin elf craft is just so adorable and a simple craft that kids can make. It will be a great addition to your fireplace mantle or you could even use it as a tree topper.


Tin can, bonding primer paint, body color (such as light beige or dark beige, brown or a peach color), green and pink acrylic paint, paintbrush, green paper, red foam sheet paper, moving google eyes, black marker, 2 red pompoms, yellow button, cream felt material, glue stick, scissors, pencil.


First, paint the tin can with primer and let it dry.

Then use the body color you have chosen and paint the whole can, let dry.

Paint the bottom section of the can green, let dry.

Draw two lines of zig-zag pattern on your red foam paper as shown in the picture.

Carefully use the scissors to cut them out.

Draw a half-circle on the green paper, cut it out.

This will be the cone hat, use the glue stick to seal the hat closed.

Draw the ears on the cream-colored material and cut them out.

Glue on one of the red zig-zag foam pieces as shown in the picture.

Now glue on the google eyes.

Using a pencil draw the mouth and cheeks. Use a black marker over the top of the pencil line for the mouth. Glue the red pompom on for the nose.

Use pink paint and paint over the circle lines for the cheeks.

For the ears, first, pinch together the ends and glue them together *as shown in the picture, then glue the ears to the tin can.

Glue the green cone hat to the top of the tin can. Then glue the remaining red foam zig-zag piece as shown in picture.

The last thing to glue on is the button. You could easily make this a tree topper and open the bottom end of the tin can. Do this step first if you plan to make it into a tree topper.

Your elf is now done and you can display it proudly, good job!