A cute and fun turkey felt craft.

Brown/Tan, Red, Yellow, Orange, and Black craft felt fabric
Matching embroidery floss
Poly-fil Stuffing
Embroidery needle
Hot glue gun
1. Print the turkey pattern pieces on heavy card stock paper.
2. Cut out each piece. Use them as templates to trace and cut out the appropriate color felt pieces.
1. Sew the tail (A) to the back of the body (B). Set aside.
2. Now we will work with the front side of the feathers (the other piece B). Start by placing your orange piece D’s in the correct
places. TIP: you can tack these down with a very small amount of glue so they don’t move around on you. Sew each piece D into
3. Now move on to the smallest feather, yellow piece C. Repeat the same process.
4. You now have a completed front feather piece. Place the back piece B you made earlier together, right sides out and start to sew
them together along the outside.
5. I recommend starting at one of the points marked with a square. Sew around the feathers and stop when you reach the other
6. Stuff the body with cotton fluff and use a blunt-ended tool to help push it into the feather areas.
7. Then stuff the main part of the body last. Finish sewing around.
1. Sew the eyes (F) onto one piece E.
2. Sew the snood (G) in place and then sew the beak (H) on last.
3. Begin sewing the two-piece E’s together to form the head. Stop about 3/4 of the way so you can insert some cotton fluff as you
did with the body. Finish sewing around.
Join head to the body using a hot glue gun or craft glue