Happy 2022! It’s a new year with all the holidays ahead of us to look forward to. First up is Valentine’s day, a day to show all the special people in our lives how much we love them. Kids love to hand out valentine’s day cards to their friends and even more so having their friends give them cards too. Taking the time to fill out each card is rewarding for kids and makes the cards feel more personal. This adorable card set includes a set that is already colored or if they are up for the challenge the kids can color in the pictures on their own. They can use the colored ones as a guide or let their imagination flow and make them as colorful as they wish. So grab the scissors and pencil crayons and let the kids have some fun with these sweet valentine’s day cards.

To print the cards simply click on the picture to download/print.

You will see easy to follow instructions on each page so you know how to cut and fold the cards.

Start by folding down the top where you see the first line, you want to fold it back so that you only see the cloud. Then for the next step bring this first fold down to meet the other line so you only see the cloud and the envelope. Cut along the solid lines, the card does not need to be opened for it to be cut.

Repeat this step for all the cards.

Follow the same instructions for folding and cutting the cards.

I’m a big fan of these adorable turtle and crab cards, how cute are these sayings!

Are you ready to get out your pencil crayons or markers and color in these cards yourself, use your imagination and make them colorful! You can color them before or after you cut them. Be sure to follow the directions on the page.

I hope all the special people in your life enjoy these sweet valentine’s cards and the hard work that you put into making them extra special.