Valentine’s Day is full of love, hearts, and flowers. It is a day full of joy and happiness, especially for young children. 

I spy games are so much fun as kids get to use their counting and visual perception skills in a fun and enjoyable way. Your child will love this Valentine’s Day themed I Spy activity! 

You can save this picture by clicking on the picture to print or save it on your computer. 

For this I Spy activity, Cupid mixed up all his arrows in the wrong places and needs help to sort them out. Have your child go through and find how many of each of the following are in the picture: 

  • Hearts
  • Arrows
  • Flowers
  • Balloons 
  • Teddy bears
  • Cupids 
  • Presents 
  • Cards 
  • Chocolates 
  • Chocolate strawberries  
  • Letters 

Not only will your child have fun with this activity, but they will also spend quiet time focusing on finding each of the items. 

This activity is great for ages 6+! As long as your child can count, they will have fun with this activity! If your child is younger, you might need to help them count and find everything. You can also cross off each item as you count it to further help your child if needed.

Once your child has finished, they can see if they got everything right by checking their answers with the answer sheet. If your child got some wrong, help them to practice recounting so they can learn from their mistakes. 

Click on each picture to save them to print them out at your convenience. Your child will love this Valentine themed I Spy game and will help them get into the holiday spirit!

If your child loved this activity, please share it with your friends so every child can enjoy this activity this Valentine’s Day!